Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Survival Journal

Starts with friendship to support me thru my mess.
Suzette sending me a stunning green batik from Bend, Oregon.
Memories to sustain me...Below Johanna's quilt made from her paintings put on fabric.
Below a first place win for me...forever ago..
Quilt memories, since I have not been sewing and we cannot have a quilting blog without a quilt.

March-29-21, Is the day I survived my first cataract operation. First up was the financial lady.  She was from Trinidad.  I used to fly in to Trinidad ---almost, almost-- just to eat Rum Raisin ice cream. My new friend insisted that Cherry Coconut was better. In November she had taken a vacation to Belize.  She said it is open because the economy is based on tourism.  That there are police everywhere to be sure everyone wears a mask...Wow...

Next up, the pre-op lady.  She insisted on weighing me.  I had her note it only in metrics so I would not know what Covid and PTSD had done to me.  My  nurse had lovely clear skin, she is only 28.  She had an earring in her ear for Migraine head aches.  Her second baby is due in two months...but there she was all cheery and helpful.  They had asked for my shot card.  Guess that will be the new deal...Everywhere we go, we will have to show our driver's license and our vaccination card.  I heard that the big office supply stores will laminate them for free. Walking into the waiting room, I really, really thought that I was in the wrong place....all these old people with canes...OMG Then, I caught sight of myself in the glass...hmmmm, I see that I was so in the right place...sigh!!

My whiny self became subdued when I realized that in the pre-op room, the folks on either side of me were children. They had parents with them for solace.  My anesthesiologist was young and handsome and charming.  My eye surgeon was too...sigh...After the pretty fireworks in my eye, I found myself in a wheelchair being wheeled to my sister who was right outside building the door.  No pain, a bit of light headedness, no memory of the surgery..Amazing organization...All amazing...TBTG I survived...  I was told not to use heavy machinery Janome, Bernina...etc and not to read???  So I just looked at Kona cotton sales....Love!!

Yesterday's thoughts:  3-28-21Thinking again about Aoife. Her mommy says that her personality is quite developed.  She is not supposed to go up the stairs alone.  However, she starts toward the stairs anyway. She looks at her mother who says...No.  No..makes Aoife crawl faster toward the stairs.  If Aoife puts something in her mouth, she refuses to open it when her mother tries to retrieve it. I guess I have forgotten how smart 8 months can be.

 For some reason, the other day, I was looking out my sewing room window toward the greening of the trees. It was my choice of joy.  The big bad storm did not come, rather a grayness with rain that colored the entire day. When I asked myself if that were my last day on earth, what would I want to be doing. That was it.  A small happy, the peace of just being and appreciating life

Looking around my sewing room.  Who works like this?  A little piggy room with a million projects in different stages of ending and beginning....the process.  Me.....I like to be like this.  I love clutter in my sewing room.  A dog at my feet, a cat or two on my table.  A bowl of ice cream would top it off.

Today is day three after my surgery....certainly better than joint replacements

Thank you to Jane...of Jane Likes to Putter....for your encouragement on my surgery..Actually a big thank you to everyone.

Suzette sent this interesting article...Thank you Suzette: Female Fire Lookouts

More memories...Lynsey just born and her admiring granddaddy and big brother Evan.

Both parents so beautiful and so young.

This one is my favorite.  My mother told the staff at assisted living that her daughters were oh, sooo busy...Meaning that she should really have more attention and visits...Whatever...!!
Then I find this in the facility newspaper...My mother at a local winery with her friends...
My Red Onion living at least 12 years in Miami.
Back to the friendship deal.
A million, trillion thanks to Carol, for getting appointments tomorrow for my son and niece.
If anyone wants something done and done now and done right...
It is Carol you need to be friends with. xo


Mystic Quilter said...

I've been having such a great time catching up on your posts Diane! Can't comment on all right now b ut I'm heading to this one to say how pleased I am that you've had the cataract surgery - and come through it just fine! Love your story ab out waiting room with all "these old people", I think we all have moments like those now and again. Your memory photos are of happy times for you, visiting them can be sometimes happy and sometimes sad, I speak from experience. Life goes on though doesn't it. Take care of yourself and we have our sewing rooms comfortable just for ourselves, no one else.

Jean Etheridge said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing well post surgery. My husband had cataract surgery 4 years ago and loved the results. My eye doctor says I have baby cataracts, so no surgery yet. I so enjoy tour blog!