Friday, March 12, 2021

Day after Day

Red Bud is in bloom in Charlotte....Hello Spring...

Yesterday, I attended one more yearly physical...I passed the dermatologist a few days back.
When I arrived at my 4 pm appt, they could not find me.  Finally, they announced that my appointment had been at 11am, not at four.  I cried.  They fit me in.

Lynsey, age 12.  Zoe, age 12.
Zoe is now completely deaf.
Me thinks she also has some sort of dementia
She follows us so closely and seems confused.
Stitch joins in for a squeeze.
The benefits of remote learning.
Lynsey's father took her to the doctor today for an itchy rash on her face.
Verdict was the paper masks that she had been wearing.
She had been grabbing those for the ease of it, now back to masks made by Grandma.

I am afraid I have become part of the Covid mental health epidemic..
Of the remote learning mental health epidemic.
Of the cooking every night mental health epidemic.

Today, I donned my mask, grabbed my hand spray and took 4 bags of outgrown clothes to the Goodwill.
I opened all the windows, let the beautiful day engulf me and did the drive through. Then went to a big box store for some solid fabric.  Kona was $6.29 a yard...not cheap, but fair.  My joints even behaved!! There is nothing like a vacation to the Goodwill drive through to get a person up and going again!!!
Grateful for my trip, for the stunning day and that I can drive...

The justification for the fabric buy is this:  It just may be healthier for me to drop a  bit of money here and there, than to eat a box of Oreos followed by wine!

The bottom whitish one, is a lovely blend of linen and cotton.
It was really, really, really nice to be able to touch the fabric first.

And, then there is this:  The truth, the difficult truth.
Grief:  Crazy, unbridled, uncontrollable grief.
Six years on April 14. 
 My heart has been rearranged, but never healed.


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