Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spring Motivation

This final...OK...probably final layout for the baby quilt.  

Because I made so many different cuts of so many different sizes, it was hard to put together.
First I tried four patch circles, but the colors did not work.  Then I tried color alignment, but there was no design.  Too hard even for me, the color freak.  I will put it together like it is and then try to work with the border for balance.
Some pretty poor pictures of the Bradford pear above and the Redbud????  At dusk....
OK...Lisa, you are on...let me know.
For Saturday's improv class, I had prepared several blocks...none of which I made as planned.
Trying out a mixed bag Churn Dash and an all one fabric Churn Dash.

Not going to mix them..

Last night's widows' group reunion in Pat's driveway.  Out of ten people, only two had not had their shots.  Good chance to see how we all weathered the storm this past year at our age.  How many more of us are on canes.  The cane club.
Nice to see that we are all still friends .

Family life....Dylan, age 11....mechanic in training.

Lynsey came to me with the above week's meal plan so I do not have to decide what we will have for dinner.  Right after school, she insisted we leave so we would miss the pre-dinner crowd. She will be the chef and the rest of the family, the sous chefs???? We will have to see how that works.
She dragged her tired grandmother to Aldi tonight to get the week's ingredients.  I drove, she did everything else. She found a clean quarter, got the cart.  I pushed the cart, she got all the things she wanted.  She worked so quickly as I bumbled along. She loaded the cart, She unloaded the cart, she loaded the car.  Once home, she called the boys to come down and bring all the food into the house.  And, then she spent an hour or so making eggplant parmesan for dinner.  I locked my exhausted self in the sewing room to watch the news with a glass of wine. A great partnership as I spent some my morning doing Spanish and Social Studies and language arts with her...Pay off is always canasta before bed time. I am one lucky grandmother.

Tonight's despair was wasting time after the kids went to bed.  Once I started to sew...joy re-appeared.
A few more steps toward a finished baby quilt and preparing for another African fabric block

Now, here is the new sewing room that I deserve.  We all deserve it: Amazing.

As the children start back to school two days a week, I am going to try to invite an inoculated friend or two over for a sit and sew.  I am very very ready.

The piano is still here.  Four men tried to take it home, but it was too heavy.  They are coming back in a month once their house is ready for it with 10 men and a truck. (I pray)  Then I am expanding my sewing room into the living room.  I cannot wait..xo




Bridget said...

I love that baby quilt. Experimentation at its best. Your grands are stepping up and showing maturity and you went out for a masked rendezvous. Our quilt buddy group is almost all vaccinated, so will be able to do some unmasked sewing soon. Things are definitely looking up.

Linda Swanekamp said...

So glad you could get together with your friends. I did a quilt retreat this past weekend with 8, and it was so terrific to eat meals and laugh together. Your sewing is really coming along.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love the Sewing Room you mentioned, especially the lighting. I would probably put my bed in that room also. Have you watched Stitched Roadie on you tube. She just moved to a new home and I love how she has all the quilts she is working on hanging a rod. I had a sewing day with a friend for the first time in over a year, I never stopped talking.