Monday, March 8, 2021

The Seize the Day Sort of Thing.

 Carolina Blue...8 days into March, one more freezing day in the 50's!!

Front yard inspirations:
Daffodils all blooming now under the bare Crepe Myrtle tree.
Lenten Roses, white...Thank  you MP
Lenten Roses Pink, Thank you MP
Little blue bird house ready and waiting.
Monday's sunny day...Now-a-days, everything seems full of effort.
Trying here to do one thing at a time.  This morning Lynsey was unable to access remote learning due to internet access. She did not seem all that upset
My phone had stopped charging, so off we went to Verizon where I was told that a new phone started at $700.  After fainting, they sent me to CPR (cell phone repair) in the Arboretum.  For $50 I got a new battery for my 5 year old phone. drama down.....
Sunny day allowed a bit of reading outside, wrapped in wool, of course!!
I did a bit more impulse buying online to calm my soul.  However, just like chocolate, it only lasts awhile. Kids are going back to their mothers this 3 day weekend, so I have signed up for a workshop through the Seattle Guild.  Cheryl Arkison workshop  They have opened it to non-members for $55
Thank you Eve for the heads up.  It is this Saturday on Zoom There may still be a few openings.

My calendar is so full of make up appointments that my head is reeling   Tomorrow is dermatologist, Tonight I sent pictures of Lynsey's rash to her doctor online....that is certainly a time saver!!
Had to look everywhere for the tax info to send to my daughter to do my taxes... But, every day that there  is no sewing is a very sad day.

My old tired mind, for the first time ever...with fabric, that is...ordered double.  God help me!
Black and white "Opposites" by Marcia Derse. Ten inch bundle...ha ha, now I have two sets.
My brain said to send one back, Instead, I fell victim to my upbringing and my mother's philosophy,
"Life is short, tomorrow we could all be gone, so seize the day"
And, it is fabric, so I kept both.


Linda Swanekamp said...

That Marcia Derse fabric available will be gone real quick and you would never be able to buy it again, not like some Kona cotton. Now it does not have to be as precious to you- so cut it up. Love the outdoor photos. My helleborus has a way to go. Will actually be 60 here today. Yesterday it was 17. Sunshine is always welcome this time of year.

Cherie said...

I smiled at your double up fabric buy. I am sure it will be put to very good use. I bet it's quiet without the kids.

Teresa said...

Love all the flower pictures. Hope your day goes well.