Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Joy of Something Being Just Right

Life is like my bottle tree.  When the sun hits it at a certain angle, it is pure joy.
Does it stay pure joy?  Oh, No!! Some days the rain falls, and sometimes the sun just misses its mark. Some days bugs get inside.
But...when it is perfect, it is really perfect, and oh, so worthwhile.

This afternoon stellar day in Carolina sun and Carolina blue with a friendly visitor on the back deck.
Tonight two games of Canasta with Lynsey who absolutely skunked me both times.  She keeps catching me unaware, by quickly going out...OMG
We do have great laughs...just a grandma and granddaughter playing tradition.

Tonight, everyone is out of bed eating their second or third dinner. It is after 10 on a school  night. No matter how I shout..."Go to Bed", no one listens...Soooo,  I am now shut up in my sewing room doing deep breathing.

Two views of the random scrap comfort quilt I am making for a wheelchair or child..
In one view, the border over powers the middle..
The next view is just cheesy.
Everything is sewn but the middle. 
 I dislike both views, but am determined to finish.

 Must keep on keeping on to find that certain angle.. Maybe with applique? 
 It is all improv using up orphan blocks.  
That is my idea of fun.
Tonight finished off the third night of "Hello Fresh" dinners made by Lynsey.

Covid has done a number on me.  I certainly hope there is some chance to re-coup energy, weight, etc. Sanity?
Who was it who said...We will have to start  Life 101!!??



Linda Swanekamp said...

You are making progess getting out. The older we get, the more effort it takes to keep moving forward, but it is worth it. I am doing some extra PT to regain muscle mass and balance and although hard, I can feel the progress. Lockdown is toxic to the human spirit.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Joys and challenges with your grandkids. Covid adds a layer of worry and difficulty and it seems to me that you are doing great, with a sense of humor and sense of "being real." I really like your quilt, especially the second view. It has a very energetic, free feel.