Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fabric Play

Blocks rescued with a little help from a friend.

The green fabric is original 30's fabric.  It even had a 39 cent/yd receipt with it.
I purchased it at a quilter's estate sale.  The other prints are reproduction.
The first layout is by far my favorite.  Chill time for me with 10 days off.
.  Today was 77 degrees. I languished in the sun relaxing.

Everyone sees it but me. I am stressed and more..
Tonight, I realized it, as the stress melted away when I played with fabric.
Relaxed and happy...a balance.
Leftovers from my "Spring in Motion" quilt....fabric from Jennifer Paganelli
If I am not too lazy, I will make them into Hourglass blocks.
Tonight I watched two movies...and I usually never put the TV on.
Making my list and checking it twice, 
Tomorrow I am going to an antique store, with my mask of course.
Then, reading a book under the tree and enjoying my meeting in the evening.
Maybe, I might even tidy my sewing room...just dreamin'....

Yet, as the children left for their mother's house, 
Lynsey gave me 10 big hugs, one for each of the days she will be gone.!!!
I miss them already


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Linda Swanekamp said...

I like the first layout also. I like the other bits. Ten days is a long time without your buds.