Saturday, September 25, 2021


In the process of making this quilt, which is all ready for top completion tomorrow, I had some choices.  I could have put on a border to calm down the quilt, but I chose to go with keeping in the brightness of the African fabric and style. Next, the navy blue fabric with yellow flowers (top border) at first seemed to work.  After seeing it online, I realized that the navy read medium.  The black I changed it to (side borders), reads dark. As we know, value does the work and color gets the credit.  

I am so thrilled with this quilt.  Thank you to Katy for the sew along that gave me the prompt.

 The children went off with their mother for the weekend.

I am watching a movie that makes me laugh.  I have not watched a movie in 6 months.  I am watching this so I do not have to pick out my errors in this quilt with angst, being so distracted by the movie, it is now done with ease.  Ease instead of angst...a winner.

Today I found out that Diane Keaton is 75.  In a few months I will be 74 .  I also found out that I do not look like Diane Keaton, nor do I have her energy, nor do I have her money.  Did I do something wrong?

The morning light says to me:  Oh, dear.. I kind of like my eccentric self just the way I am.

I have no television stations working in my house.  So, Netflex it is.

Some people take vacations at the beach.  Some at the mountains..and some just go anywhere for fun or connect with family...Me...very little family.  One cousin, one brother with issues, one sister overwhelmed with her lot.  One daughter across the land in Portland, One son in dire I am the  keeper of the light.  Exhausting. 

I vacation  in my brand new sewing room all set up by my friends.  It is grand! Grand for this time of my life anyway.  In my youth, I traveled the wide world. At my age, I no longer go wide, but deep.  That important travel is harder for sure.

A post is not ever the same without our Aoife.

As my daughter explains....two very needy beings.

Lessons learned and seem to be the same place.  Today, fabric needy me went on site at and bought African fabric for $3.99 a yard. Somehow, I forget how much fabric cost.  Because when I see just lovely African fabric for $4.99 a yard, I just skip right over it like it is not the bargain that it is....sigh...then it is out of stock by the time I realize that fabric is now $12 a yard elsewhere....I am a  slow learner.

Did I mention how much I miss my fabric artist friends and any art or creative friend, for that matter??.  Delta variant is really cramping my style. Zoom is OK, but there is nothing like hanging with like minded friends as they ply their art.

Stitch stitches along with me.  Where ever I go, he finds a basket there..
I see other bloggers with cats looking so much like our Stitch.
They are so not the real deal!!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

I have been reading all yours posts, but since I am helping babysit my grandson in a different state due to daycare closure, I only have my phone and hate typing on that tiny keyboard. Love the African quilt. So glad you have a new sewing room to hang out in. Other creative people are so important in our life. I hope I make it to 74. I could use more creative people to bounce ideas off of. Keep going, you have resources and support and a keen mind and people who love you.

http://thankfullga447 said...

The quilt is beautiful - I love the blue and yellow flowers. My best vacations are at home and when no one bothers me or I have a schedule.
You are beautiful and DK has people make her look great/which cost lots of money. I rather buy fabric then by products to make me look decent. Enjoy your weekend. I don't watch TV I just play dvd from the library.

Nancy said...

I do like the fabric on the side of the quilt better than the one on the top. When my son and his wife went to Africa on a mission trip they brought me back some fabric. I should do something with it.
How disheartening to realize that Diane Keaton is 75. I turn 71 tomorrow and don’t have her mobility nor her money. I know that I have already outlived both my parents so am grateful for everyday.

Eva Wilson said...

You look fantastic - the use of that fabric is perfect and I love how you made it work with (potentially) short yardage. Very inspiring blend of skill and talent!

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