Friday, September 17, 2021

Flowers Amongst the Thorns

Lovely highlights of the day.  Here I am using the design boards, hand made by Linda.I am distracted by UFO's I found, that I had forgotten

A lovely set of birds, hand carved by Rich..He put little eye screws on top so I  can string them. I am such a fan of handmade things.  I am going to weed out the rest of my treasures to keep the ones I love, like these.

Guess who is preparing for her first bike ride?
Here she goes.!!

 Middle school grandma hanging on a thread.  This morning was the morning that Dylan struggled to get  out of bed, refused breakfast and insisted on wearing to school the very same clothes he has slept in for two nights and worn for two days to school.  No brushing of the teeth.  Very mouthy to his grandmother.

His sister left for the bus stop without him.  I did my deep breathing and went back to bed.  Sigh. Just wait until a pretty girl gets sight of this 6th grader today!!!

Hmmm once they were on the bus, my brain started working overtime.  I searched his room..sure enough, there, slid beneath his mattress was my I-pad.  He evidently had guessed the code and spent all night watching whatever.  Poor Dylan, got the shock of his life once home from school...lots of work was awaiting him and NO, ZERO, NONE of his favorite technologies....He did laundry, blew the porch clean and the deck, garbage and recycling out, etc, etc...more and more of it.  Humbled for now, he went asleep early...sigh... I-pad code now changed!!!!

Today, the other one received rave reviews on her 504 plan from the staff...Nice!!. All done on Zoom.  Two Zooms today as Lynsey chatted with her doctor on a video visit after school.  She is so grown up.  Tonight she made a lovely dinner.  That girl can saute veggies perfectly. So proud.  And, I did not even ask her to make dinner.  

Tomorrow they are spending the day with my sister..xoxo!!

At my age, this has even more meaning...Thank you Leonard!

The thorns still hurt, but friends are the flowers that keep me upright, most of the time.

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Peter K said...

A lovey post, as always, Diane. It's a privilege to read.