Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Quilty Kind of Day


First up...darling Aoife learning how to pay bills.

Below, presents from boards...tute by Lori Holt, Bee in my Bonnet
Thank you Linda!!

A trip to guild boutique and great visits with friends...Of course, this old lady who is decluttering, could not leave this quilt behind... A bargain and a delight...A big thank you to Mary Parks for her great collecting...RIP Mary.  I did learn something!!!  From the guild folks who handle the estate sales of our dearly departed quilty friends.  They do NOT want scraps.  Mary had bags and bags of scraps that noone wanted even for free!!  Mrs. O'Quilts has bags and bags of scraps that everyone will want????  NO??  But, they are  beloved scraps, stunning scraps, special scraps...the thought that I cannot take them with  me...and that no one will want them, gives  me great pause.....sigh..

More bargains..solid fat quarters...50 cents each.
They practically lept into my cart...I tried to resist, to no avail.
A zebra half yard for my black and white collection
Most of all...a great visit with friends and meeting new ones.
A beautiful day with laughs and fabric and freedom!!

I do not know how Sherry knew I loved foaming soap!!!
Look at the necklace Linda made for  me.

Tonight I am helping Dylan a bit with his geography for an upcoming test.
And as far as my private sewing room...The children pulled in their chairs, turned off  the lights and turned on a cartoon movie they thought we could relate to.  "The Loud Family"  Ha!!!
For sure we will have to hang a television somewhere else in this house.!!!

Tomorrow morning...early for school!!  And the week, karate, cooking, chores, errands, doctor visits...way too exhausting.
Tonight I will try to sew a!! 


Peggy said...

I've been lurking forever it seems-just wanted to say hi

We're moving so I can't let myself even SEE fabric sales, so I think you showed great restraint!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Glad you got some goodies- especially as fabric is not fattening.

Lynn said...

I am an unusual quilter that LOVES scraps. What I cannot use, my senior center quilt friends can, if I cut them into usable shapes for them.