Sunday, September 26, 2021

Moving Right Along

 Aoife joins our family of sewists...Welcome Dear One.

This top is now done...wahoo.  I loved working on it, but I am now ready for a different color pallet.
This picture shows the value.
This one shows the color.
Here, a lovely day at the farmer;s market in Portland, Oregon.
Aoife and her daddy and a donut!!
A lovely day in Charlotte too.  But, Grandma O'Quilts is from Miami.
Therefore, I need a sweater and some hot chocolate!!!

Here, Aoife admires the produce from her father's garden plot.
Too tired to do anything more tonight.
Kids in tears over their losses.  Counseling happened.
All calmed with a good game of Old Maid...Grandma lost, to everyone's delight.
Everyone asleep but me. xo

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