Thursday, September 19, 2019

One Happy Day

The first fall day of 2019!!
Ten place mats for Meals on Wheels, Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
17 scrap pot holders for Christmas.
My brother, Raymond, lost one of his favorite cats...Angel..yesterday.
RIP Angel...My bro is so upset.  Angel was 12 and died of kidney failure.
My brother and his wife have 12 cats left.
Zoe is 12...She sleeps with my son in the second sewing room, Eamon's sofa bed.!!
All night long I have been searching for Stitch...Calling outside, checking under beds, etc.
Here he is...useless to be annoyed....Stitch is his own man!!!
My patriotic table a distance thru my second sewing room/ my son's bedroom
I love this...I will tweak it a bit..I am happy for this update.
This weekend, I am going to use this to dye a polyester blouse.
Stay tuned.

Our Sit and Sew on Tuesday turned into a surprise birthday party for Terri.
Sherry gave her this lovely scarf.
Terri appliqued her fall door hanging.
Felt and wool
Terri's other Show and Tell...quilt as you go.

Today I went to my wonderful grief therapist.
I took myself to my Mexican lunch.
I went to Marshalls to relax.
Then into the pool to exercise.
My Wednesday quilting group came tonight.
Laughing and eating...They helped me snip the threads
for the finished potholders and placemats.
Funny how life goes...One day can be dark despair..
The next so happy and happy.

I have discovered, for the first time ever...ever..that groceries cost money.
OMG a five person household on a fixed income...
Jeeze Louize...last week I bought those bottles of Cranberry-mango, etc drinks.
I bought 10 of one/ get one free.
Today I looked for one to mix with my seltzer water...
Bingo...ALL GONE!!!!
How can that be....???
All three children have become great eaters...
I learn something new about finances...every day.
My dear man would be proud of me.
Stephanie back in her she is sick with a blood infection...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Crabby Grandma O'Quilts and Her Fun Day

Tonight, I am missing my mother and grandmother....
Here they are on the porch in Miami
They were probably 60 and 85 years old...back then..
My family tells it like it is!!!
Had a lovely lunch a helpful physical therapy this morning.
I love my physical therapists sooo much.
Since the dollar tree was next door to the restaurant...
I found this treat for Lynsey's desk.  That girl is a leader!!
Potholders...Below is a small hand stitched Mola from Panama.
I bought it at the Panama City airport probably 40 years ago.
Because I have so much stuff...I have decided to make it into a mug-rug.
Our Kathylynn at Wednesday night quilting..
Her aprons for gifting..Her Show and Tell

Our outside.  The minute I go inside,
Boo is at the door crying to come in..
He is so afraid of his shadow.  He was named Boo because he is a white ghost!!
And, we got him near Halloween, but really...BOO!!!  He is a scaredy-cat.
Our Stitch...the quilting cat..sitting beside me on watch.
He keeps the quilting room safe.
Stitch loves sewing machines too..
And my OCD son, on finding  8 different bags of sugar in the pantry!!
Oh, well...I told him that if I cannot find it, I have to buy another...

On the way to Ala-teen tonight, my son asked the long
they thought it would take to get Grandma upset.
They all started to scream and bang in the car. 
I was furious, but I did not show it.
Once home, I asked for my space, did not talk,,,and sewed in my sewing room
with the company of Alexa and Johnny Mathis...

Everyone else went to bed, wondering why Grandma could not take a joke.
  It must be bed time for me.

Judyk2310  send me your email...I want to thank you for my comment!!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Grandma O'Quilts has Strings Attached.

Strings for potholders and place mats for
Meals on Wheels
Sewing strings for my sanity.
Strings all over my clothes and all over the floor!!

Adorable scissor fabric on back of placemat

Notes from Portland, Oregon
Rosie is going to camp for R&R
My daughter took her to the doggie bus stop where she boarded.
Does not look like she is too happy.
Here she is ...Bye Bye Rosie....have fun!!
On the way home, Em bumped into Hercules, the pig on his daily walk.
Just sayin'...if things are not fun in Charlotte, they are mostly fun in Portland.

Our very fun CMQG had our very own Ellen Apte show her quilts the other night.

She showed a lot more...these were some of my favorites
Ellen is such a wonderful artist.
My sister and my son, just took my car to the auto shop for the night.
No car tomorrow.for me.
Thank you Michael...

Going back to my strings, for...there in lies my peace of mind....

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

One Fine Day

My triangle center..above...I am wondering if I put on a white, then blue border,
if I could use it as a patriotic table topper?
Wednesday night and tell...above..our Sherry shines again.
Above, Mary Pat's quilt for her granddaughter.
Below, Mary Pat's table toppers for her mountain house.
My girl in Oregon attends Irish dances and plays Irish music,
just like her daddy before her.
She also designs the posters and playbills for Irish events.
Mr.O'Quilts would be way proud.

As I try to adjust to my newish life...I find that taking myself to lunch is
helpful "me" time.  No children, no bothers..just relaxation.
I turn my phone off...
Pool exercise and pool friends are good too.
Reading on the back porch is wonderful..
Sit and Sews are the very very best.
I just love sewing with my friends!!!

This "timer" thing has me still sewing. I think that is terrific.
Tomorrow morning before lunch out, I am going to sew together
some random surprise blocks I found while "cleaning".

I love  this..No matter what your beliefs...
I think this is darling.
Hang on Ruthie, Hang on

Monday, September 2, 2019


Preparing for Sit and Sew...There are 3 this month...but two are on the same day  UGH
This was fun using up all the "made" fabric...some from 35 years ago.(above)
Below, random strips...
The children and I filled charm sized squares with rice.
Five bags of rice a third full.
We used clips to hold the hole closed.
Here we are...95 hand warmers/or ice bags.
All ready to be sewn closed on the sewing machine.
I am behind on the holiday prep thing..
.I have not even started to cut the tissue holder fabric..
Look at what I pulled preparation of Queen Bee in a few...
I have had the Go Accuquilt for at least 10 years....never used it for piecing..
only for some  It has just been sitting around..
In deference to all my WIPs and UFOs..
.I am starting something new..
Here is Rosie...guard Portland.
She is looking for me!!!!
Soon, Rosie, soon!!

In the background I see my antique star quilt.
and under the fan on the right, I glimpse the table I bought in Morocco
many many moons to see the stuff in my daughters house.
Exhausted me came home from grocery shopping.
Out came my army...they had seen me coming..
All three children and my son.
With no fuss at all and in no time,
everything was brought in and put away.
Amazing...all without me.
There is a certain grandma feeling so blessed... 

Kids in the backyard with their scooters...
Glad I have a big yard...
Granddaddy left them a lovely ramp for sliding.

Today, Lynsey and I played the timer game.
I set the timer for 30 min...she cleaned her room and I cleaned my sewing room.
She was finished in 15 min...
Sigh....I guess you know the rest of the story.
I found sooo many treats under my mess piles, that sewing seemed the next best thing to do.
Gotta just love a quilter!!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

How Grandma O'Quilts Got the Focus Going

Linda was going to lunch for an hour, I thought.
So, I set my timer for an hour. just to get myself sewing.
Got all this done in an that hour.
Wahoo...I prepped these disappearing nine patches for an upcoming sit and sew.
How to carry them without wrinkling?   Cute little wrap!!
Then...and then...I kept on sewing....
Two more placemats in the making for outreach.
I was gifted the Kaffe salvedge strips..How fun is this??
I took reading the backyard...
Such a ridiculous book, that I find myself bursting with laughter at times.
My son's room is downstairs in my second quilting room.
Here...I caught Dylan having a sleepover with his daddy.
Ages 9 and 34...Dear to my heart.
Kindhearted 14 year old under great pressure..deigned to make bobbins for me.
He was in process of making 8 when I snapped him.
OMG,,,such would think that I was going to publish it
in the high school newspaper.!!!
The hour set was a great idea...Once I started, then I could not stop sewing
I love to stay up till 2 am sewing...
Then sleeping all day...even when I go outside to read, it seems that
I nod off like an old lady!!!!!
Did you know that the holidays are coming soon???
Before I blink an eye...OMG
Guess I will  bring some holiday things to work on in Portland while visiting my daughter
She already has the two sewing machines all set up.