Friday, December 13, 2019

Twelve Days till Christmas

My Christmas gift:
For two long years, I sat at the the ALS clinic with Mr. O'Quilts
With me were hexies that I hand stitched into these flowers.
Also called: English Paper Piecing (EPP)
When I look at them, I realize the love, the despair, the grief and the courage that I
have put into every one.  This year at Christmas, wool felt backs them, into coasters.
Love is best when it is given away.

The rain is furious...a day to plod through a slow book that
was due at the library yesterday, which I waited in line for, for 6 weeks...Dear me.

Making a wheelchair bag for a friend with Parkinsons...He loved/loves women..
Looking for fabric for that kind of charmer...
Oh, dear, I only have that fabric with the bottom ends of men, in jeans...ha!

The other night Carol came by for our Wednesday group.
Rushing to finish a bowl for her birthday, I tried something new to me.
I took a plain bowl, already finished, cut the finish and added the red fabric.
I love the way it turned out.

Carol brought show and tell:
A Disappearing Nine Patch
A painted back for this quilt using fabric pens, fabric paint
stencils and granddchildren!!!
A needle point Santa worked by our Mamacita, now passed on.
Her daughter, MP fabric framed it for the family.
Our widow's group of 5 years...thru thick and thru thin...
Always understanding a lament or a tear...
Never grateful or be positive.... just there listening..
A life saver!!!
Our holiday lunch.
Pat's fashion statement at Firebirds...Pat..wearing my bowl!!!!!!

Grandma O'Quilts has had two great days in a row..
Now, pain free in my sewing room, creating away.
A lovely tute I found
All About Flying Geese
Shazama....I do not have your email address to thank you for your comment...let me know.
In the mail today a present...
OMG seems like I am raising 4 babies instead of three...
Old Grandma is just mentioning that tonight is not Christmas Eve???

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Mystic Quilter said...

Glad you're keeping busy Diane and to read that you are pain free is amazing!