Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Already New Year's Eve has Arrived...12:19 am

The splurge on colored rope...Can you believe this was here in less than 20 hours..OMG
I cannot sew with it yet because I want to mix it with the neutral clothesline rope
that has yet to arrived...although I hear...it is on its way!!!!

Tonight....a lovely chat with my blogging friend Kara.  She is doing that chemo thing.
Inspiration came through the phone from Kara to me...that she is sewing and sewing.
Giving away to the chemo nurses quilts..giving thanks
 Now, she is just making basic quilts...for the comfort of others.
A few years back, Kara and Melissa, in the mountains of Tennessee organized a lot of my scraps. and delivered them to me in Charlotte....how nice:)
Tonight is the night...with my new found inspiration, that I too..will start another basic quilt to give away.
God only knows how hard life is...and a quilt to hug you in stressful times is a blessing.
Here is the bag of 3 inch strips all organized....so not by me.
With great energy, I have now sewn all these strips into pairs
Tomorrow I will cut them for four patches.
There was a lot of yellow, so I have used that as a color binder.
I have a bag unfinished, but on the table ready,
Rope for my latest addiction to bowls
  This new four patch inspiration,
  Quilts basted to be quilted,
Tops waiting to be quilted,
 450 UFOs
 6,584,930 ideas for future quilts and projects.
My heart is beating quickly...Is it the sewing excitement or the chocolate????

The children will be home in the morning
I already sent them their chore list via Evan's phone
so they will not be surprised.
The boys will be making bobbins and Lynsey will be preparing
her sewing machine for her sewing class on Saturday
Stasi sent me this picture this evening of her girls reading.
Guess what I just found in a dresser drawer!!!
Only the best of friends would give me M&Ms for my birthday.

And, then...with the New Year, there is this:
Anne Lamont: We Need to Talk
Thank you Carol for this link...
I just LOVE Anne Lamont

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Sunna Reyr said...

Hi there and happy new year. It's been a long time since I left a comment, but I wanted to tell you how your wonderful blog has helped me at my job as a practical nurse. I used to be a dairy farmer who dreamed about finishing her bachelor (I think you call it that) and managed to do that with adding PN studies to it. During my residency I worked at a nursing home and there I took care of both a Parkinson patient who was so like your mother and an ALS patient. What I had read on your blog deepened my understanding of their illnesses and how I interacted with both persons and I believe it helped me taking better care of them. I think it also helped me saying good bye to them when they left. (I had actually known them both for years) Today I work at home nursing and your descriptions of your mother and some things she said and did help me dealing with some of my clients with better understanding and joy, lets not forget the joy.

It's good to read about how your health and your strength is coming along and how your family is going strong, you're doing a good job Mrs. O'Quilts