Friday, December 20, 2019

The Slouch and the Birthday Girl

Yankee Candle beauty gifted by Drenna...
Wonderful birthday gifts for me.
MP dishtowels that I love and struggle to use..too nice.
My sister and I raised up in Arizona...fat
Marie brought me AMH fabric from Houston and Jean  made
me lovely coasters.
Thank you Margaret for sharing the cat towel...I just know how you
wanted it for yourself..!! Made in Northern Ireland.
Infinity scarf made by Sherry
Lynsey did the Aldi shopping with me..She is brilliant at it.
She bought mozzarella and tomatoes...sliced it all up and arranged it
in a circle, just like she saw on her U-Tube families..
Checking out the Walmart clearance section hoping for a holiday present
25 cent patriotic fat quarters!!!
I loved my birthday parties, adjusting to my age and my wobble.
Playing Santa again this son will help me.
Both parents are doing wonderfully and help me so very much
Grateful.  Here we have Lynsey and her mother at the school holiday party.
We are the village for the children.

I see what sewing everyone else seems to be doing and I feel like a slouch.
I have about 20 quilts that need to be quilted.
10 UFOs
Fabric galore that I am desperate to work with.
Yet,I sit at this computer, reading blogs,
playing Wordscape and Freecell
 taking naps and lunching with friends...

Really???  Diane??
Time just flies away.

Thank you Anne for including me in the lovely luncheon today.

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