Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday Night Fun

Into the red bowl I made, go the peppermints
Merry Christmas
For years and years my mother saved a punch bowl for her granddaughter's wedding.
My mother died before Emily married.
Tonight, in Portland, my girl and her man are having their
first party in their home.
For Christmas cheer, out came the punch bowl cups my mother left her.  Sigh...
This library book was lost...I am sure it was not  my fault..
Ha ha ha...I have renewed it several times.
My son found my book, whew..
He said he wants to read it himself...because he wants to
know the answer to this question himself....OMG

Sherry is our quilting group's genius.
She made each of us an infinity scarf from Challis.
Cleaning my sewing room mess is how I find lost things.
I found two pieces of stray fabric that I thought was Challis.
Close enough.  I made a two fabric infinity scarf..
Please tell my why a grandmother would want to do this?????
Grateful for my son's enthusiasm...
He just loves it...
I thought I would include in this post some
interesting links.
The Joy of Finishing Rita's Quilt
Elton John Christmas Commercial
The Legacy of the Orphan Train

I am really enjoying my evening alone.
PS  Thanks to Sherry...I now have found Netflix in my sewing room.
It only took two years....Focus is not my main attribute !!

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