Saturday, December 7, 2019

Holiday Spirit Visits us and Grandma O'Quilts gets Scammed

My grandmother would be pleased!!
Where are the Swedish Christmas decorations, she would say!!
Life is not all Irish😻
My mother would be pleased..About 60 years old, a well loved Santa.
Thanks to my family, Christmas decorations are started xo
The Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild had an awesome holiday party.
Diane #3, made these favors for
We had potluck appetizers.
Show and tell.
A game:  Bring three items of a favorite thing.
I brought..grabbers for when something is dropped!!
My winnings:
Other gifts:
Some of our "Show and tell":
A memory quilt from shirts.
Loretta's tiny piecing.
Two of Ellen's spectacular quilts:

Wednesday night Muggs gave us all holiday tea towels.
Mine is the best!!

Tomorrow Lynsey does a 5K for her Girls on the Run.
Her coach is picking her up and running with her.
Instead of going to her mother's this weekend, Lynsey stayed home with me.
She cleaned the kitchen beautifully...spotless...Wish her 14 year old brother could do as well.

I am introducing Lynsey to the joys of antique stores and Goodwill, etc.
Today we went to her second antique store, where  she found her Christmas present.
Wahoo...never mind that she already has 4 of them...she was so thrilled.
I am thrilled with DONE.

She was enchanted with this:  As she had seen it in old photos!!
and learned about it in school...ha ha ha

 My discovery: A blue candlewick child's spread with a doggie on it.
I did not need it.  It was so inexpensive.  I loved it.  It is in perfect condition.
Enough excuses???

Grandma O'Quilts learns a lesson in scamming..OMG
I decided to sign up online for a home warranty.
I looked up the references and called them up...They said, call back in the morning
In the morning, I had emails and texts from them: that made it easy.
Hmm, a bit too easy.
I gave him my credit card number.  He said , it was refused it.  So I gave him a second card.
He said he would send me an email email came.
I called him answer..
The bank said to cancel the cards.
My daughter said to cancel the cards.
I really wanted this good deal...
Alas, all that glitters is not gold.

Sigh...tonight I cancelled the two cards...ugh..
Hopefully lesson learned.
Old dog learns new tricks...


barbara woods said...

we had to cancel ours after I ordered fabric on facebook, don't do that any more

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read about the scammers good job you were able to have the cards cancelled quickly.
How nice that you are introducing Lynsey to the fact that shopping doesn't have to be in stores selling brand new goods, there are all sorts of treasure sto be found in the antique shops and what we call second-hand stores, your Goodwill.