Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Gifts

I have sworn to never post past midnight...but here I am at one
not listening to my own rules.  See, after midnight, I start with the despair on missing
my wonderful posts start to sound pathetic..

I was trying for 45 minutes to get the new PBS "Crafts in America" broadcast..on my computer.
 I can not afford cable...
As I was unsuccessful, frustration mounted...I knew my husband
could have fixed it all in a second. But, he was not here. The tears started...ugh...
Then a sad song I should have avoided..
My son wishes he could  fix the sadness...No one can.

I  heard my mother's voice and started to sew...two gifts.

 If the wage earner in a young family dies, the mother cannot care is too expensive.
Boom...not only is the family grieving for the husband, but now they are homeless. I know
what grief is...I cannot imagine homelessness too...or having a new baby to boot.
I cannot fix this pain...But I can quilt...Thank you mother for your wise words. son cleared off the outside table for a bit of  spray basting.  I found a random flimsy I had made once in a relaxed state.  
In 30 minutes I had it quilted and my mood lifted...thinking of others....
This quilt will go to that new baby that is now homeless...No one can fix pain...but we can
spread some joy with  needle and thread

While I was sewing, my son took the ornaments off the tree, cleaned the kitchen and gave me a great big hug.  He gives the best hugs.  Christmas cookies hug me too...When the New Year comes, I never want to see another cookie...well....maybe not for a few days, anyway. 
 I think I have a cookie disorder.

Cleaning my sewing room tonight was encouraging.  I found a handicap placard that I had lost for two years (I have a handicap tag because even though I am no longer in pain, I cannot walk far.)
This card will be helpful when I go to Portland again. I found gingerbread cookies that I forgot to put out at Christmas....hmmm....I found 10 inch squares that I had prepped for more bowl cozies, then forgot all about them.. I found the thank you cards and a holiday note to my brother that I never sent.
.My mind cleared and my heart felt better.
All is well.
Two am...goodnight!!

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Unknown said...

I enjoy many shows on PBS. I think I found the link you may have been looking for - new episode in Crafts in America series on Quilts.

hope that is the correct one and that you enjoy it.