Sunday, December 8, 2019


At the midnight hour..

A gift of friendship.

Dear me...bed time...midnight thirty.
About these bowls...lots and lots of bobbins made ahead of time.
Lots of snipping and trimming in the  morning.
A bit of glue from the glue stick...very handy.
Shaping needed a bit in the morning.
As fast as I make they go with a holiday tag.
Just FYI
My girl and her friends took their dog to visit Santa...hmmmm
Just so you know, I did the best I could in raising her!!
Good night xo


livelymonkey said...

Hi Diane! Your bowls are Teriffic! I love every one you’ve shown.
The children are growing so fast! That little girl is so cute and so accomplished...... thanks to Grandma I think.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Much love, Mona

Mystic Quilter said...

I love your bowls, they're fascinating! I should live nearby you and take lessons.