Thursday, December 19, 2019

Joys of the Season

My mother said it, my husband said it , my friend E said it.
And it is the right thing to do.
When your loved ones are gone, spread your love around to others.
When you feel sad and blue, do something nice for someone else.
And so our friend, Rich has Parkinson's
As we know, around the corner, our lives change in a second.
Jackie noticed that Rich kept coming to our WOW group with his things
in a plastic bag...I made this bag for him, so he could travel in style.
Above is Jackie's rope bowl, made for a hostess gift.
Below, after a feisty school meeting on Lynsey.
Our dear principal gave both Lynsey and of these.
I wear it proudly.
The teacher group asked if I could have fidget quilts made for
two first graders in the spectrum.  Rachel, from Charlotte's
Quilter's Guild made them for our school.
The staff is so happy.  Even the teachers enjoy the fidget experience.

They are not only used for children in the spectrum, but also AD/HD
kids, and LD kids...most of the staff had never ever seen a fidget quilt before..
Thank  you Rachel...You are the best.
With my surprising new found strength, I actually did two loads
of laundry today.  I have not done laundry in 6 years.
Cleaning up my sewing room, one of my birthday presents appeared!!
A special scissor holder embroidered for me by Muggs...with a new pair of scissors.
I just love scissors.
Tomorrow is the last day of school before break.
Everyone is excited...Tomorrow the darlings will go for three days to their mother's house.
A win win win for all.

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