Monday, December 23, 2019

The Night Before the Night Before

Noise is the children are more than excited about Christmas.
Their mother took them to see Santa.
And, their mother took them all to church yesterday..Amen and wonderful
Lynsey and Dylan and I made sugar cookie dough tonight...four below..
Since tomorrow is Christmas eve, I voted on slice and bake cookies..
VETOED....They want cutouts..time has flown..
We are going to need a compromise!!!
My son and I had the brilliant idea of putting up the fish tank.for Christmas..
Of course, I did not think of the money....only the fun.
My son always had he, too is thrilled.
But, he is plugging it into an extension cord with a switch.
Hope we all do not get electrocuted...
Trying here to let the parents do more and more.
So hard for Grandma to keep her mouth closed...hmmmm
The children are more than anxious to pick out their fish.
So is Stitch.
Lynsey's mom painted her toenails green and her fingernails red.
Never mind dyed her hair pink (guaranteed to wash out after 14 washes) OMG
When I took the picture of the toenails, Dylan did not want to be left out...thus his 
sock covered foot.
We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.
Except for the Santa part in the morning...
Dinner tomorrow night is also a compromise.
Evan wants spaghetti, but Lynsey said that that is NOT a
Christmas she will make the corn casserole herself, her father, the ham
and potatoes, etc...My sister will bring the spaghetti..and their mother, mac and cheese...
This is not a restaurant, but it is Christmas and all are chipping in.

In the morning, I will get going on the cookies.
Then a miracle in Charlotte...64 degrees and sunny.
I can be found reading outside in the sun, leaving the rest of the cooking to my son and grands.

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