Sunday, December 29, 2019

Another Nightly Adventure

I love this book.  I really love this book
Which is why I read it in small amounts to wrap myself in the warm fuzzies of community.
I am still on my stay-cation with the children at their mother's house.
I ponder:  Should I keep reading on the screened in porch wrapped in a quilt, while
the rain and wind comfort me...or should I do the dishes and go get groceries??
Should I continue to stay up until 3am happily sewing and creating and sleep until noon,
Or, should I feel guilty for "wasting" time.  
Should I dust and vacuum?  Or take a cozy nap by the fireplace with a book folded by my side and a cat on my lap?
It has been noted that I still think I am forty and expect self to still have all that energy.
My darlings will be home on Tuesday....
I am having just a lovely day today.
Still a comfort...
Without they all went to the mountains on horses..
A wonderful time.
I have done the dishes and the laundry.
Feeling so completely rested, then I heard a friend my age had a stroke
and is in the ICU.
Many bloggers seem to be putting out their word for 2020
My word is one I never thought I would such a fighter.
Acceptance of life on life's terms. hard.

What to do to avoid that bag I am making...ugh..should have used
Batiks so both sides are the same.
Ah Ha!!! Make another rope bowl.
Taking a chance here on using my beloved Kaffe circles.
This bowl is nice, but not a stand out like I had wanted.
Large prints are best for these bowls, but high contrast is a must
This bowl does not have that.
I made it until I was totally out of rope.  Amazon Prime to the rescue in a few days.
Voila...the lining cut for the bag...the right side and size.  The rest for another day.
My son is thrilled with the new fish tank.
He is quite the baby and bought the fish before the top of the tank arrived
I see that Eamon is not the only one thrilled with the new fish...
Hmmm, lets see how many are left in the morning.

ps...I notice that if I cannot comment on someone's blog...I just left
click on "show in a different window"  Voila...then I can comment.

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