Monday, December 23, 2019


Change...It is everywhere....some good...some sad!!
Look how a bit of snowballing upgraded this flimsy
Lynsey spends the weekend with her mother...
Lynsey will be 11 in February..
I wish that growing up, we had seen holiday cards like this.
My wreath I bought in Equador..I no longer travel like that.
Tompte placemats remind me of my  Swedish grandmother....long gone..
A delightful shirt I bought on sale somewhere...
It does not fit the one who would like it.
The one it fits, does not like it...
FABRIC...Just look at those colors!!!
Like I said before...I just love scissors!
A very special handmade Christmas card from my girl.
xoox and more xoxo
Working on the spirit of today.
The spirits of Christmas past still carry me.

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