Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Very Lazy Day

At 7 am Girls on the Run coach picked up Lynsey for an awesome run

She ran the 5K in admirable speed, leaving the adults in the dust.
The bag she received this morning reflects this year's motto
When she got home, she went to a movie with her daddy and I took a lazy nap.
This is her last year in this program as Lynsey is off to middle school next year.
Grandma got up from her nap today to futz around.
Clearly reflecting the lazy mood, is this wreath with the animals upside down????
A child's quilt with cat embroidery done by my grandmother.
That is enough of I readied the last of the school teacher presents.
Olde Providence Elementary School has been just wonderful to us.
I am grateful.
Lynsey will bring these in tomorrow..maybe her daddy will drive her.
My favorite stamp attached to each bowl with the names.
I have had this stamp for years..just recently found out it was the work of
Susan Branch
Who is my the way...just a co-incidence...born in the same year..etc!!!!
Both clever?? By happenstance??
Next lazy thing was to make Rice Crispy Treats
in my mother's old pressure cooker pan!!
Repaired by Sherry a few years handle..Thank you Sherry.
These were supposed to be for kid's snacks...but since it was a lazy day,
half of them are gone...gone somewhere...I do not know???
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive..
Still cold in Charlotte...any excuse for a lazy day.

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Mystic Quilter said...

We all need a lazy day sometimes Diane!!