Sunday, December 29, 2019

Getting a Head Start on New Year Projects

A new project, working with linen.

Anna Marie Horner linen fabrics...gifted to me in October.
I have had this pattern for at least 10 years...Either make it or chuck it..
Will try it tonight.
Because I had this linen fabric on hand in the right size...I am going to go with these colors.
Many hours later...ugh...I do not like many bags I have made without thinking.
This bag is asking for batting...I do not want to do that either...calm down, Mrs. O'Quilts,
After keeping the pattern this long...let's do it right.

I love to see my son happy.  He usually has so much anxiety
We decided to set up his childhood fish tank for Christmas.
Of course supplies had to be updated...
It is a good thing he has already schmoozed the women working
at the pet store..
Tonight, he got some stones and the 19 year old he still is (inside).
The children are excited too...When they come back from their mother's house, they will pick out
some fish for themselves...Already there is a problem
I told the children that fish easily die.
That's OK they said, we will just have a burial and service in the garden.
My son said.....flushing down the toilet is my favored burial.
Dear, dear, that is a conflict.

I am hoping that Evan catches on to this hobby.  He has no passion for anything but computer games.
I am not sure that is normal for age 14 and a half...who knows..He does have a lot of friends..and so
far, his grades are better than in middle far.

My sewing room problem...Why,,,because I am greedy.  I have my designated sewing room
Then the sewing room with the design wall that used to be my office and then the ALS sick room
My son has moved into that room with the fish tank and the dog on the sofa...He has made a cozy nook for himself amidst the fabric shelves.
Third sewing room is the screened in porch.
 Out there I have a table for spray basting and a table for cutting.
Tonight, my new bag pattern is on the dining room table...
Spoiled is the word!!

Just for today, my son is a miracle.  He worked all day, went to a meeting, fiddled with his fish tank and swept the floors  OCD certainly has its benefits. He changed the sheets on my bed and he is doing the laundry.  He has always been a great worker...It is just that I had lost hope for him.
He said that Mr. O'Quilts would want him to take care of me...
An absolute miracle...and just for today is fine with me.

Guess what...all my crazy last night to watch Crafts in America was in vain...I had to watch it the day after on PBS online...Tonight I did happy ..xoxo


Mystic Quilter said...

Happy to see you have made a start on a new project - do carry on the good work the Skrappysak looks great. Your son definitely looks happy with his fish tank, long may this continue and of course he can show the children how to look after the fish an d do the chores of cleaning and feeding etc.
You are the lucky one, with effectively three sewing rooms!!!

Unknown said...

I love your encouragement to get a fresh start on the new year! My project isn't quilting this time but it's more just projects around the house that I want to get done. I found an article on projects that are easy to accomplish in the winter that I wanted to share!