Monday, July 13, 2020

Shopping my Stash

Shopping my stash today, I found these exciting fabrics..
This one a bonded knit from a friend in Miami 30 years ago.
 A few yards of red toile!!
Solids re-visited.
Wondered where Stitch had gone.... I did not know he favored solids!!
Bulldog fabric...for mask making??  Or, for political use??
Newly folded shelves....browns, plaids, Australian and African fabrics.
What to sew???  Plaid bow-tie??
Australian large snowball?
African fabric for project bags?
By the time I have organized it, I no longer feel like sewing..ugh.
Organizing makes such a big my house anyway.

Here I am...Stay tuned to my progress....or not!!

Tonight I decided not to be held hostage to the virus.
To be prudent but not frozen in fear.
I am going to the grocery store more often.
Only at 7 ish at night.
We are at war.  If I hear the siren, I will duck...otherwise
I will Keep Calm and Carry On
I think!!  I hope!!
Also having a sewing friend over tomorrow..mask and 6 ft distance.
I cannot wait!!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Vacation Puttering

Instead of a third nap outside under a tree,
I made two rope bowls...voila
The top one was from African fabric...which of course frayed...Hello???
The bottom one is from batik..perfect!!
They are so quick and so relaxing...sigh...Way to go on day two of my vacation!!!
My friend Susie helped a lot with rope bowl process by telling me about
glue sticks and cutting strips about 1/2 inch, not larger.

A little more project puttering and fabric organizing while I watch the news.
I am finding so many lovely fabric in my stash and tutes to try..

Packaging from Avocados suited me with my green kitchen.
I used 3 layers of cotton batting.
Did not read the instructions all the way through,
 I zigzagged the edges...This is supposed to be the sponge that never dies.
You throw it in the washing machine with the towels.
If it works, I will try the instructions...Ha!

Did I mention that I have Covid brain?
You know, unfocused, lethargic...etc.
I like to be a leader....  so I got it long ago before it was popular!!

Reminding myself that this is my house.
There is no one to tell me how to live in it.
I remember when we had Stephanie, our nanny.
She said that if I put fabric in the kitchen, she would quit!!!
This is the living room.  Hidden under the basket, under the patriotic quilt,
are 3 plastic boxes..
Lynsey's fabric
Dylan's fabric
Potholders that I have made to gift.
In the basket are beautiful Free Spirit fat quarters.

Behind the recliners in the living room, I have put
four empty sewing machine cases....
Ha Ha to of convention!!..

Eyes now peeled around the rest of the house..
for more creative ways to store my stash.
Sadly, I have to make notes in my phone for the things I have I will not spend hours looking for them!!!
Relaxation is funny....Sometimes I do not realize how tense I am, until I relax!!!!

We Just Wanna Have Fun

The good afternoon.
My outdoor chair was leaning against the screened-in porch,
When , my Boo wanted to be with.
I read and he purred...
After the reading, came the fabric puttering.
which found random, loose, marked and unmarked blocks and strips and scraps.
Too overwhelming for the AD/HD mind.
Unbelievable a marked bag...amazing that at one time, for one moment, I was organized.
This came thru on messaging this afternoon.
See....Someone I know is almost 39 weeks pregnant.
This message brought reality forward. So exciting.

Getting into late to the party.

I am having a terrible isolated Covid time.
Extroverts need people...OMG
Here working hard on reading and sewing and puttering.
Well...I will enjoy my two weeks of freedom without....fretting..!!!!
I will...I will...I will...
Even though my DIL took the children to Melbourne, Florida.

Planning to have a friend or two visit me on the porch this week
with their masks , six feet apart...No hugging and I love hugging...Sad...

Tonight was my 4th time out...Trader Joe's.
They are so safe.  A person in a mask meets you at the door, handing not only
a cleaned cart, but also a separate wipe in case you need more.
Masks are mandatory in North Carolina and Trader Joe's enforces it.
I go at 7:20 before the closing at 8.  Much fewer people, no line.
Day one of my relaxing vacation..staying in the day!!
Asparagus risotto !!!
Dark chocolate bar with almonds.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Not by the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin..or Something Like That

All about Lynsey..
 She has now completed her first quilt ever.
She made it 99% herself..Soo proud, she is.  It is for her 2 year old sister, Ava.
Her father spray  basted it for her.
As she put in her last stitch on the binding yesterday, she slowed down.
Grandma, I loved making it so much, I just do not  want it to end.. 
Music to my ears.
Online, we found the perfect puppet book to go with it.
On to finish the three meals from Just Fresh.
.Crispy Fried Chicken with Parmesan cheese, Coucous and lemon carrots.. 
( She learned about pith and zest of fruits.)  And..much more.
Yummy....She only needed help with cutting the carrots..
Lynsey insisted we needed cake for dessert.
She said that because she had been very mean to her brother on the 4th of July, she would
make his favorite kind and let him lick the frosting bowl...That is how we ended up
with the most delicious vanilla cake with our homemade lemon extract frosting.
Grandma quite grateful for Lynsey's improved compassion.
Lynsey has AD/HD like all of my grands...She struggles in school.
However, I do think she is going to be OK!!!!!
She had three days of cooking thanks to her Aunt Emily and Uncle Brian and Just Fresh.

Yesterday they left with their mother.. When they left, I cried..
I was soon over that, and on to the stunning sound of silence.
AND, a 12 hour uninterrupted sleep.
Now having such puttering fun:
The 2.5 inch blocks I found in a box...I made some relaxing 4 patches.

Things to cheer us up.

Hi Chay..Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog.
I would love your email so we could chat properly...Diane

Vickie from our online group,  Good Vibe Quilters
told me about this blog/ Utube channel....I love it!!!
Next:  Just to remember:  The following two sayings
gratitude to dear friend Chuck, for sharing these....scroll down

Monday, July 6, 2020

Everything is Just Fresh!!!

Sew one block to another.
It is like meditating in this crazy world.
Simple can still make a lovely quilt
Value....does the work,  Color gets the credit.

Lynsey is a rising 6th grader.
To celebrate her big next step into middle school, 
Aunt Emily and Uncle Brian 
sent Lynsey   Just Fresh
The box came today.
The excitement was palpable...
None of us were allowed in the kitchen.
Ms Lynsey followed the instructions...making us a 5 star dinner.
She is getting ideas for Lynsey Lou's Cafe!!
Sooo yummy...
The recipe cards from Just Fresh...were perfect!!!!
She already wants to start on dinner number two!!!!

I am getting weary of masks...They get a bit depressing after awhile.
Decided to go shopping tonight in my favorite fabric store.
Diving in....the O'Quilt's stash...I found so many wonderful things..
For tomorrow's excitement, I found:
Tonga Treats
A 30's Bar...which is 5" x 10"
For me tonight...will be sweet fabric dreams...
Now, if someone can tell me how to insert "labels" on the
new blogger...I would be happy.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

As Good as it gets is Pretty Good

Look Look Look
Anna Patt, from our Good Vibes Quilters
made a mask she made 400 masks....
Thanks to new blogger, the picture is not too clear..
She offers her pattern if you would like.

Lynsey and Dylan worked on their quilts this morning...unprompted..
They are learning a lot...Grandma happy!!!
Friend came by the other day for a masked, 6 ft distance visit on my porch.
Soooo wonderful...Here is her gift...a native  honeysuckle to draw hummingbirds.
Now I have it by my sewing room window.
From dear L...I learned that my old Crab Apple tree is no longer.
It was replaced by a volunteer Black Cherry tree...Who would have known that.
We have had it for years.
Fruit yummy, seed pods arsenic!!

TBTG  I am so trying not to drown in Covid news..!!
News today:  The children said that my sewing room is not mine any more.. It belongs to them too.
Except I am supposed to clean it....Interesting.

There is a huge increase in Covid in Portland where my daughter lives.. This mother is trying not to worry about what I cannot control.  Making new baby kerchief bibs instead.
Two sided.
These bibs are secured with plastic snaps.
Bib pattern is from Sew4Home

Thanks to my sister, they are being mailed to my daughter tomorrow.
Lynsey made her first pizza from frozen pizza dough.

Lynsey and her father made marshmallow frosting for a holiday cake...
She put marshmallows in blue food coloring..a learning experience!!

Making a face mask from a Krispy Kreme Donut box
Yes...It has come to this!!!!!!!
Thank you...Crafts in December!
Made a new Bronco mask for 15 year old Evan...
He said we cannot...Cannot!! wear matching masks.
Fine...I am not sensitive!!

Friday night, I ventured out in mask attire to the grocery store.
Holiday treat: one pound of Red Argentine Shrimp
This was my first time cooking them.
Everyone was happy.
That is what we aim for..not always happens.
Tomorrow physical therapy..
Dear, dear old me...

Dear New Blogger.  Why would  you do this when we are already stressed????
Cannot find labels...ugh

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


In a niche in a rock carved by the sea lies a
cradle of comfort, a haven for me.

Threatening tides roar with their spume of
salt spray while seductive waves rise only 
two feet away.

Danger abounds on this high windy place as
the lure of forever kisses my face.

Alone in a circle of stone, protected yet
wildly free, will I cling to the solid 
rock...or yield to the tempting sea?
by Alice Franzen Clemons Burt
from her book, Daydreams.

Again, I share my mother's poem with you.
Just like all poetry, it's meaning changes as we change.

This time of our pandemic is hard...very hard.
Today, I look at this poem as an encouragement by my mother to carry on.
To do the best I can.

Everything has changed...including this:

This morning I came down feeling like I had been run over by a truck.
PT yesterday was exhausting...Went to my peaceful sewing room with my breakfast and 
found this....Their music blaring, potato chips, sewing, helping each other.
Amazing..Amazing Grace.    

More hope from my mother:

Caterpillar crawled up the garden wall
Looking around he saw nothing at all
He fell asleep in the shade of a tree
And dreamed of the butterfly he'd like to be
When he awoke, to his surprise, he had
Orange wings--and now he flies!!!

Strange when isolated, feeling friendless...that I can still
connect and get strength from my mother..through her books.
I love you Mom xo

Monday, June 29, 2020

Way Over the Top

This is such a fun song..
I found it on  Kathy's Quilts

Me thinks that the Coronavirus is not going away anytime soon.
 Tonight I experimented with another type of mask for my son.
He is the one who goes out.

Keeping everything has been one of my favorite pass times..
The above clock wrist pincushion, I bought years and years ago at Spring's Industries in
South Carolina.
 Now, Lynsey loves it..She wears it on her wrist while sewing!!

Last night the two children came running into my sewing room with cool and awesome music video links to show me...I was aghast...The more troubling it sounded, the more upset I became.
Not going to give you a link here...but it was rap music from DaBaby.
They thought it was hilarious... Awful...My son said that this was 2020 not 1970??
I had no idea that not only were they listening to that...but they knew all the words..
Life is now over the top for me...

A bag I made for my mother from my grandmother's needlepoint.
My version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt.
I think I made if for Evan...
Yes...this Evan who turned 15 yesterday!!!
Their sister, Ava, is two.
Bed time love....Boo!!
Linda who left me the comment the other day.
Send me your email so we can chat a bit.
I do not know where you are from.
The Rail Fence quilt is
42 inches x 36 inches

Saturday, June 27, 2020

In the Moment

Finished, green and blue Rail Fence , my number 6 for the MQG pre-school outreach.
I am so trying to stay in the moment.
Today I Zoomed in to my daughter's baby shower.
That was pure joy!!
It was outside, everyone in masks, everyone 6 feet apart. 
So safe and so wonderful.
Decorations at the party.
Such a gift she gave me...
The best thing about it was that Pearl was not invited.
I had a great time.
Sitting outside now, I look at things, I otherwise, might pass by.
A close up of a small Begonia...lovely yellow and red.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week, because Grandma O'Quilts
prioritized money to Auriful white thread....sigh..
Emily is planning to breast feed her baby.
She found this cute picture on Pinterest!!!

The school system here has come out with the rule that when school starts,
Middle and High School children will be required to wear masks..
I guess I had better get sewing masks again.
Stress is upon me when my health is so fragile and family and friends
choose not to wear masks..
Two point seven million grandparents are raising their grandchildren in America now.
It makes me feel like they think grandparents are dispensable when we are not.

Oh...I know the answer to fretting..!!!
Just go sew!!