Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Brain...again

The doctor told me to do nothing for a work, no stress, no nothing.  He does, I know, live in a different world than I do.  Lucky for me, since I run my own work..fine..No money, not so fine(:  I already got my  No nothing??  The refrigerator broke and I did not want Himself to look for a new one without me.  Off we went.  He drove.  In the first store, I lasted 15 min tops before I had to go to the car and rest... dizzy..After that, any normal person would have said, take me home.  But, not an immortal, not me.  We went to a second store.  Such a total mistake that I have not been able to function all weekend..sleeping, dizzy..and doing nothing...hmmmm....Guess there really is no Doctor O'Quilts!!

BTW, never order fabric when you have had a concussion...just FYI..Remember last week when once again   I was whining and feeling sorry for self???  Of course you do NOT.  Anyway, I ordered from here: $3.95 blowout sale
Sew Me a Song Etsy shop
Equilter--50% off sale
Hancocks of Paducah--50% off sale. and Sew Me a Song were awesome...I loved the fabric and it came in 48 hours.  Equilter and Hancocks took 6 days.  Equilter's color was off (to me)...and what in the world was I thinking at Paducah...oh, that is right..I had had a concussion...I think that they may have had one too, as they were out of the favorites I had ordered....Not complaining of course...fabric is still a delight.  Today...the bruised only being trusted with potholders and only now at 8 pm after doing nothing all day!!

 By the way Gunborg...if you are reading this...Did you make this??  I found it in one of the books I was glancing through as I was doing nothing.  It has your initials on it.  You must have sent it to Grandma for Christmas from Sweden when she was still alive.  Since she died 14 years ago at age 99...that must have been awhile...let me know....

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smazoochie said...

Sweetie, *please* slow down & take care of yourself! I know it has been a tough year for you -- & it is only July -- but concussions are nothing to mess with.
I should get my equilter box today, one week after my order. I'm spoiled by Fat Quarter Shop -- order before 3, get it the next day!