Sunday, July 22, 2012

The beloved enablers in my life

First up in enabler town is dear friend, Andy.  She called me from IKEA saying that they had the new sewing machines in and she was buying one and she knew I couldn't get out, yet desperately wanted, She got me one!!!  My husband doesn't understand why anyone needs three sewing machine...sigh.  Thank you sooo much Andy!!

SY Sewing machine IKEA Easy to use. Demonstrative instructions included. Perfect for beginners.

Next up is Jennifer.  She posted all the yummy sales on  Fabricworm.  Of course I could not pass up on some of it...after all I need to get joy back in my life...soooooo I bought this:
and this...

None of which is my fault..I am just a fallen woman trying to find balance:)
So now, my husband watched a thing on TED on concussions.  This lady said that there should be NO TV and NO why didn't the ER doc and my PCP tell me that.  I have been all over fabric sites for hours trying to cheer myself up.  When the doc said do NOTHING, I thought he meant housework, cooking, laundry......
Right now, O'Quilts is doing computer work with her SUNGLASSES on...much better, thank u.
Cannot keep a good woman down.


smazoochie said...

Cute little machine -- tell us more about it, please.
I'm vicariously enjoying your fabric shopping. No TV or computers, hmm, do you have any audio books? Or relaxation or meditation CDs?
Take care!

Melissa said...

Very cute, indeed... Machine and fabric!