Sunday, July 8, 2012

One hour--glass at a time...

I have timed myself today for progress...and if I am honest, for control.  I am able to stand and work for 15 min before I must sit or lie for dizziness as I recuperated from the effects of the concussion.  That means that I can get something done in those 15 min.  This top is now finished.  Design brain was not working...lattice should have been 2" inch cut and not 1/5 to make quilt less busy with a better place for the eye to rest.  What can I say ..glad I could do it at all.

Marni and I have been friends for 20 plus years.  When she and her mother, with Dementia drove thru Charlotte to visit my mother with her Parkinson's,  I decided to give her a quilt.  She will be 60 in September.  Since my fall, I have once again realized that we are promised nothing.  Living in the day, she chose from four quilts, her birthday quilt. the present...yes!  I thought that the Hourglass was very very appropriate.  ( In a less positive vibe, broken dishes could be appropriate too.)

"A man who is of sound mind, is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key", Paul Valery  Hey Paul, this is Diane here....I am trying!!!!

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Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, Diane - I can't believe about your fall and concussion! I hope you are feeling much better now. The hourglass quilt is so lovely, your friend must be thrilled with it.h