Friday, July 20, 2012

The restful potholder

So here are the latest four potholders...The Russian doll one for the doctor's nurse, the cat one for a Sunrise employee to say thanks...Of course the cupcake secretly mine, but will give away...and the salad one for Himself...but he will not be getting it!!  I made so many potholders that I ran out of white loops and I am too lazy to make them from cloth.  I only have three more to make and they are hurry..My doctor loves to go on when I get to Mary Jo's I will get a little cruise ship fabric piece and there is a worker at Sunrise who needs one.  When I asked him what he likes to do, he said that he loves to go out to eat and to watch TV.  I looked everywhere for a TV block for the center, finally found it today on perfect but it will do.
 My sister found this awesome Russian doll fabric at JoAnn's.
 Lunch from my garden....
 And, poor me, the fallen woman...out of M&M's, ice cream and all...But, scrounging around during a good time, I found a bit of homemade chocolate frosting in the freezer that I had saved from Evan's birthday party. oooooo....soooo....good!

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Diane said...

These potholders are adorable. What a great idea to customize fabric to each recipient. The Matryoshka dolls are my favorite.

I can soooooooooo relate to your need for a sweet treat. Glad you found one.