Friday, July 27, 2012

One downer..

The upper is that today is just as good as yesterday for me!  I even used the design wall.  With a million naps and rests...I am happy.  The downer is that my husband just got back from his Mohrs skin cancer surgery.  I of course was supposed to have driven him, but couldn' he drove himself.  He came home with a big bandage on top of his head, mucho stitches, Hydrocodone and instructions to do nothing....hmmmmm.  This should be an interesting weekend!!!  How adorable...we will be "doing nothing" together.....

This is not sewn together..In my excitement to do a quilt for a bigger child, I put so many kid's prints in that it   is turning out just the way I feel...mumble jumble.  And, I see that the white squares are not forceful enough...Oh, is for a child! And, a quilt is not done until it is bound!  Once again...note the cute big blue plaid from the shirt from GW!

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Melissa said...

I like it! The GW fabric blends right in, too! Hope you both have a restful weekend. It was great to see you and meet your husband and dog and cats!