Friday, July 13, 2012

The flange issue

The flange is the black metal side piece on the left quarter inch foot.  Since the feet for a Janome machine are relatively inexpensive, I bought a second foot and had the machine mechanic take the flange off of the foot. (I am sure you could do it yourself).
 Tonight I had the energy to try the two feet to see if there was a difference.
 I am Not a precision piecer.  I am a wonky, improvisational, fly by the seat of my pants quilter.  Because I sometimes work on a group quilt, I wanted to be sure that my blocks just might be the same as others...I will not hold my breathe.   So, I made these HSTs with the two different feet to see the difference.  If you are fussy, there may be 1/16th of an inch difference.  If you are not fussy, there is no discernible difference, IMHO.  The HSTs I made are below being auditioned for this medallion quilt. I made them  from this tutorial at Missouri Star

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