Saturday, July 21, 2012

HST and the restful Pinwheel

This has to be easy for me to be able for it.  I know that it has bias edges, but I figure that if I butt it against straight of grain and am careful, I will be ok.  It is really the fastest, easiest, most accurate Pinwheels I have made.  Again, my energy demands easy.
I am able to do this quickly because I have a box here chock full of 5" squares cut over the years from leftover projects.
It was the same with the potholders.  I have a basket of food fabric and a bin of pre-cut batting and Insul-brite...all cut for a rainy day.  Guess this is rainy season here.
Remember that there is a budget upstairs and not so much downstairs...These came yesterday...Both lovely. The Shape Workshop book is very very, no-think handy..
This post is brought to you from the downstairs office. 

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