Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comfort quilts ...retake

The last time our bee met, Carol told us that she had a middle school student in the hospital with stage four cancer.  When I looked through my comfort quilts for one for this child, I was upset that all of them were for younger children.  This was the only quilt even a little large enough.  And, I thought that since I had used antique blocks in this quilt, that it was "old lady" for this child.  Carol said that she would make it work by having the girl's teachers write with fabric pen greetings in the green lattice.  A great idea Carol.

This situation got me thinking about comfort quilts.  The Charlotte Quilters' Guild has an outreach  program for the hospitals which includes sick newborns, children with cancer and women with cancer.  My thoughts are that from now on, I will be thinking about the older child.  IMHO, the easiest quilt for this is the "tossed" nine patch.  Tonight I got out my box of 5 inch squares again and found some children's prints.  12 blocks of  5 inch nine patches, with borders make a nice size.  This is my start:
Today was the best day I have had in three plus weeks.  I am grateful and encouraged and trying not to do too much.  Of course the HUGE Costco bag of M and M's that my friend Melissa dropped off on her way home from The Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild will ensure continued improvement.  Melissa was going to drive me to the meeting, but I was not strong enough so she came by for a minute to cheer me up with.....eeeekkkk chocolate....Lucky me....


http://thankfullga447 said...

What a great idea, I need to have a quilt ready in my closet for a child. Our group (WOCS) just sent a quilt to Aurora, CO.

smazoochie said...

Yes, the babies are easy to sew for and those older kids get neglected. I'm like you & like to make quilts for the older ones.
Sorry you had to miss your meetings but glad you had a better day. Hang in there!