Saturday, July 28, 2012

Messing around with fabric...

  • Tonight, before bed, I am reminded of my favorite version of Wind in the Willows..(Kenneth Grahame, 1987)...When Toad, reclusive Badger, and sensible Rat...were so happy just..."messing around in boats"!!
    So, with that song singing in my head, I took these 9 orphan blocks and started cutting into them.
     I did some yellow slashing...and 

    I had the best time, messing around with fabric!


Bridget said...

Your messing around was a good move! I wonder what those would look like if you used different fabric with words in place of the yellow. (I like the yellow. The words idea just popped in my head.)

sewprimitive karen said...

Hey, the yellow strips look great on those neat blocks. Slash and add lol!