Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red and black quilt and red and black eye

My eye and the rest of me is now in its glory.  I am all  red, black and blue.  But TBTG for all the wonderful fudge and M&M's I eat because I am well padded, thus breaking nothing but my pride.  Below is this quilt on my design wall...trying to decide on the size of the cross.  I think that the picture is too close up to judge.
I am a bit discouraged.  I cannot think clearly.  The hospital called for an eval of my visit.  I gave them a glowing report of the ER doctor...But later I realized that the doctor's name was not Abernathy, it was Scarborough...Jeeze.Why would they even call someone who had had a concussion for that info...They should have waited till 2013..My husband drove me to see my mother because I am still a bit dizzy.  We had a nice visit and I am still dizzy..Poor me...Well, the one spot that is not bruised is my typing know, that one which is so able to press "Order now" on the following: $3.95 blowout sale

Sew Me a Song Etsy shop

Equilter--50% off sale

Hancocks of Paducah--50% off sale.

I mean really, I could have died and then what????  No more fabric shopping??  Gotta get it done now while I am still here..  Off to bed, again, says the whiner.......

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Melissa said...

Great quilt and I am glad that you picked up some new fabric... What are you to do with such great sales?! I need to check those out links out. Hope you are healing!