Saturday, July 21, 2012

My mother and me

This morning my husband drove me to visit my mother.  We visited 20 minutes and then I had to go home.  After that adventure, my brain had to sleep for 2 hours...Beth made a comment on my blog that "elderly" is a state of mind...hmm..When I was younger I used to think that and then the joints ached and the colds took longer to get over.  In Miami, I remember a sports figure saying that he had wished that in his youth he had taken better care of his soul because as time went on, his body betrayed him, but his soul did not.  So, I decided to ask my mother.  At 10:15 this morning we found her alone in the far end of the dining room, in her Dr. Seuss bib I made her, eating her breakfast.  She had been there since 8am..The staff was setting up for lunch already.  My mother has Dysphagia, a swallowing disorder from her Parkinson's also problematic in other neurological disorders.  She was spending this morning her usual time eating one poached egg and drinking coffee...It takes her two hours to swallow one poached egg.  When she goes out to lunch with the lunch bunch..(.she loves to ride in her wheelchair in the bus with her friends), my 91 year old mother orders creme brulee for lunch.  Now is that a positive thing or what..It takes her one hour to eat half of it and she brings the rest home and considers the outing a success.

So, today I asked Mom if she thought that "elderly" was a state of mind.  She said yes.  If she says yes with all she struggles through and still can celebrate life...then it is indeed true.  My mother and I had a great chat...she was so clear minded.  Then she looked at me and said that she was wondering why Daddy did not come to visit...but she had figured it out...sigh.

Look at the pinwheels I just made from the $4 shirts I got at Goodwill!!!  How cool is this?  Now, back to shopping:)
 I have found a new site....I cannot believe that this lady can find such unusual fabric that make my heart sing... course the singing does not continue in the pocketbook, so I did NOT bite!!  I am waiting for to give me an empty cart 15% off coupon.  But, oh, no... I guess they have my number as they just gave me one last week...sigh..

You may think that I have nothing else to do but blog.  You would be right..almost.  I also have to rest and then I have to rest again...all while my dear husband cuts the grass, does the grocery shopping and the floor cleaning and buys me ice cream and in general continues to put up with me.  Hugs to my honey and hugs to my mother.


smazoochie said...

Big wink & big hug!
You've spent a long time pushing yourself to your limits. I am SO SORRY you are now having to pay such a high price. You are so lucky to have any lucid moments with your Mom -- cherish them, I know you do.

Karmen said...

And hugs from over here too. Those blocks are wonderful! Karmen