Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The red block process and the concussion progress

I am feeling better...11:30 at night and well enough to sew these blocks together and put them on the design wall.  For past quilts, I have made so many of these 2.5 or 3 inch blocks attached to 6" strips, that I decided to try something different.  The dizziness has finally gone from my head..TBTG

Every 4th of July, someone knocks on my door to ask if it is ok with us that they use the cul-de-sac for fireworks.  I always say that it is not my cul-de-sac and I am fine with what they want to do.  Three families, I think with lots of children.  They certainly know what they are doing.  They are very safe with water and rules, etc.  AND they must spend at least 3,000$$$ between them all for these fireworks.  Every year my husband and I sit on the outside bench and watch.  City of Charlotte has nothing on these folks!! It was truly wonderful. I did feel sorry for my mother though.  She loves the 4th of July and the flag.  My father was career Air Force.  But, it could not be helped.  I couldn't go there and she couldn't come here.  She sounded so sad.  Maybe she was just worried about me.  Me, a silly goose with a goose egg or two, or three or four!!

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