Saturday, March 6, 2021

Through My Eyes

 Freedom means choices....

Today, my walking did not end up in a big box store.  It ended up in the freedom of my own yard and my husband's wheelchair ramp.  Who would ever have known that I would now have need of it as well, holding on to the railings while I walk my exercises..

I kept my eyes wide open and re-discovered nature.  With many Nandina plants in my yard, until today, I never, ever noticed that some times in the year, they get red mottled leaves as well as berries.

My view over the fence into the common area where our many deer families roam.
Budding baby daffodils, harbinger of spring.
The green moss on the wheelchair ramp, revealing age can be beautiful.

Bye bye Telefunken of 65 years in our family.  My sister had her friends help move it to her house.
Below...Observe the empty space.
My Disappearing Nine patch Christmas quilt still hanging
Change is upon us.
Before I had a morning epiphany, I was eating all the red, pink, white and purple  jelly beans from the family bag.  Then a better choice was made: heading for my own back yard.

Anna's Moses Basket for her upcoming grandbaby.
The basket itself is made from 1/2 sisal rope, wrapped in fabric strips.  It took 20 yards of fabric, cut into 2 inch strips, then folded like bias tape and pressed. Anna estimated that she put in about 100 hours weaving.  There is a thin piece of plywood in the bottom to give it some structure, she covered this with brown fabric and put a label on it.  Really, a work of love. Great job Anna.

Anna had no pattern. Our clever Anna, just figured it out herself.!!

Top finished...will do some brown thread work then send it to my son for basting.!

My girl did some neo-natal research study for the hospital where her Aoife was born.
With some of that money, she bought this doll...Aoifita??????

Reading this book, which is shamefully overdue at the library.
So far, I have only just begun,  I learned that Eleanor was almost 6 foot tall in small heels, that her mother choked to death in her early 30's from Diphtheria, that her father could not control his disease of addiction and fell from a fourth floor window to death while in a state of delirium.  He was 34.
Shall I return it to the library now, with its short hours due to Covid;  or should I continue to read.???

Links to love:
I was looking at this English site and found that Bernie gloves are now famous all over.
That gave me a chuckle.  We do need chuckles now-a-days!!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Your spring is much farther along than here. I can just see a half inch of daffodil leaves coming out of the ground. I always feel better after a walk outside unless I come in dripping wet and cold. I always take photos to try and see things in a different light.

Teresa said...

That doll is so cute. What kind of doll is it? I joyed all the pictures in your post. Is that book “Elanor” about Elanor Roosevelt.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely photos of your garden Diane, daffodils in bloom and we're heading into Autumn! Eleanor - what can I say!! I know that I couldn't read it, we have enough horrors in the world right now.