Monday, January 24, 2022

The Squirrel Thing

Trying to understand the "squirrel" thing that bloggers are talking about.
I went to my tidy big sewing room to pull some reds for a valentine something.
This is what I ended up with from a random box under the table.
8 antique pineapple blocks I bought at an antique show maybe 15 years ago.
What to do with 8?  What to do with them?  Thinking I could make a center of some sort.for a table topper.  Blocks are fragile..any ideas.  I do not just want to "collect" any more. I want to make things useful or/give them away.
In that same box, I found another baby Mola from Panama from about 40 some years ago.
I made a mug-rug/potholder from it for a "Thank You" to a friend of mine.
This piece of Civil War fabric made a perfect backing.

I still have not pulled any red fabric for a Valentine top...
Is that what is called "squirreling"???  Going from one thing to another, forgetting the first goal??  Thus, making a clean sewing table into a great big mess!!
Today was such a lazy, sleepy day.
I hope I do not sleep thru the pool class tomorrow.
School back in session.  Grateful.



Linda Swanekamp said...

For me, a squirrel is an idea or thought that derails what I had planned. Sometimes it is a photo, sometimes something I find or someone gave to me. It comes out of nowhere and takes over, pushing the planned out of the way. I am not a real squirrel fan as they come and wreak havoc in my yard and garden, but they come regardless rushing in just like the quilt squirrels.

Courtney said...

For the pineapple blocks, I like the arrangement you have without one in the center! Maybe you could find something in your stash that could go in the center, like a similar low volume or yellow. I'm sure it would be fun to try with a bold green or red center, too. It would be really cool to have some fancier quilting in the center that mimics the lines of the pineapples.

jane said...

When I have a seemingly useless number of odd blocks, I almost always make a table runner (8 blocks) or baby quilt..

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

8 blocks will work in an on point setting but it might be too big of a chore to find a setting triangle fabric. With the layout you have with no block in the center, why not try a big square of an African fabric print.