Friday, April 6, 2012

The 20 cent panel and more

Since last June...10 months ago?  I have known about these free online continuing education credits that I need for my license.  They expire in two weeks...I did this instead:)  There is nothing like the power of procrastination to get something else done.  I was very pleased with myself tonight.  I free-motioned this 20 cent panel in one hour.  It is not perfect, but I am pleased with it.  I used variegated thread and did it the Leah Day way.  In her free-motion quilting project she suggests that the quilting is done in rows.  That is the way I quilted this..easier because I could then remember where I had been.
The back was a very old fabric that needed to be used up.
And, tonight I was not too lazy to use my quilting did make a nice difference.  I had my mug of tea with local honey to get me going.  I was oh, so calm despite going to Walmart and forgetting the new iron I needed.  I was also discouraged looking for jelly beans.  Plain Brach's jelly hard can that be.  I found the jelly beans...Starburst jelly beans, spicy jelly beans, rough coated jelly beans, life saver jelly beans, etc, etc...but as you can see, according to my mug...I stayed calm:)  Calm that is without my jelly beans.
My mother is really a big baby.  And, she is nuts about Mickey/Minnie Mouse.  So I made her an Easter basket.  I tell her that at Sunrise Assisted Living, where she lives, she can be the sweet angel and I will be the witch.  Oh, no dear, she can just be the crocodile!  And so I am......

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