Thursday, April 5, 2012

Caribbean Way, formerly known as Pablum:)

When I made this quilt top, I hated it.  I was mean to myself and named the top, "Pablum".  Because I had just finished it and it was the basic of all basics, a disappearing nine-patch...and because I had used a charm pack,  really, anyone could have done it with their eyes closed...thus "Pablum".  But, now, with the magic of Terri Feehan's has come alive.  And with distance and less recriminations, I like it.  Then too, I used white...never did like the white thing...too bright and all I could think of was spilling chocolate milk and jelly on it..But, then again...I like it.  I am getting so flexible:)
Then there is the great IKEA backing..
And my wonderful Snowball bush...and who has to be in every picture??  Zoey..
And who is disgusted with Zoey???   My Milito!
  This quilt has been gifted to Sarah Connick to bring her comfort and brighten her life.

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