Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yesterday was the day.  Small wonder after all the stress.  Stress plus daily pain medication equals a big fat stomach ache. (of course eating the M&M's hidden in my fabric stash did not count at all).  After seeing my mother, I crawled home to bed only to find someone else beat me there.  My husband had pulled his back again and was in bed with muscle relaxers...Good Lord....what a way to spend a beautiful Saturday, the two of us out for the count.  There is nothing like a good rest when you know you are sick and cannot do anything else.  Today is a new day..aren't we lucky when a brand new day comes along.  So out came the flanne quilt panels that my friends bought me at the Springs Creative sale. And out came those wonderful flannels I bought on Black Friday at JoAnn's fabric store.  You can buy some of these panels at Mary Jo's or Hobby Lobby, but the price was right at Springs.

 I do not really like working with flannel, but I like the feel for children.  Usually I use iron on batting to stabilize them.  This time I did something different.  This quilt basting spray sat unused on my shelf.  With windows open on this glorious day, I was able to spray baste the flannel top to the batting and then the flannel bottom with no trouble at all.  I like this better than the iron on batting..easier and less clutter.  I pinned too, just to be sure.  Now I have about 5 quilts basted, ready to quilt, relaxing my mind!

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Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Yesterday was my day to crawl back into bed - more due to the change of the weather and the oncoming rain. So up and down I was all day long. I'm happy to hear it only took one day of rest to get yourself back in gear. I love your sweet baby quilt. I happened to be in Rock Hill for training of a job I am taking on and stopped by Springs Creative. It was the first I had ever heard of them. Unfortunately I only had $5 cash on me and so was not able to buy too much. I did get enough fabric to complete a tote bag. I have a can of quilt basting spray I picked up at Mary Jo's that has been sitting on my shelf for awhile. I want to try it on a small project before using it. I heard some had problems with it gunking up their sewing machine while free motion quilting. I'm happy to hear that it worked well for you.