Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday morning focus

My "clean" sewing room has been reorganized...I was reminded by my Milito about....who really counts around here and who did NOT appreciate our getting a new dog.  So I have moved some scrap containers and made a bed for himself.  Zoey cannot reach your heart out Zoey.
 I tried to make it comfy for Milo with his own little wall hanging.  I think he appreciates it:)  Milo is my favorite cat.  He is soo smart.  He can open any door in the house and he comes when he is called.  When the last client of the day comes, Milo knows how to end the session by shaking open the door...ha ha !! He used to cuddle up under my covers, head on the pillow until stupid me made the mistake of telling my husband that even though I am not allergic to cats, the asthma doctor said...blah, blah, blah and now no cats are allowed in the bedroom...when someone is home that is.
 And since this is a quilting show you my newest easy no-think project..A big thank you to Quilting in the Rain for this very very fun tutorial.  I have had several charm packs just sitting or things I bought when I didn't want to buy yardage and still could have some of know what I mean....I put some of two together and some of my own to test my use of colorways that I do not usually use.  Relaxing...

It is freezing in Charlotte today.  And tonight a frost??  Tomatoes are in..I mean really, the Farmer's Almanac says April 15th is safe..not that I am a farmer or anything like that.  

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