Sunday, April 22, 2012

The last of the $5 flannels from Springs..done

I guess I would call this finishing up Sunday...or I could call it crabby Sunday....It is a difficult thing to work with a wiggly, pre-done top because even though it is spray basted, flannel slips and slides and this piece was very wildly uneven to begin with.  I wanted to do these cuddle quilts as they are a great way to practice my free-motion quilting.  After this one, I might just quit it...In the last quadrant, the thread kept breaking.  The thread would fray above the needle and then just break off.  I re-threaded the needle, I re-inserted the needle, I changed the needle...5 times, I fiddled with the tension, I changed out the thread and I cleaned the machine...nothing worked.  So what would have taken me 2 hours to do, took me 4 hours, lots of mouthing off and numerous swipes at the M&M bag.  I still do not know what was wrong because the minute I changed out the foot to regular all stopped.  Anyway, it is done and washed and not looking too bad.

I have not seen my mother all weekend.  I really needed a break.  My sister visited and so did my husband.  Today Mom went to a volunteer function at her facility.  She got an award for facilitating her poetry group there.  But, things have changed for my mother.  Christmas was the last poem she wrote and she had to dictate it to my husband as she couldn't remember how to work the computer.  She really really wanted to find her old "Volunteer" poem that she had written last year.  No one would help her because they feel that it is too much for her.  She is a different person now in April than she was in December.  So she was despondent.  She said that everyone believes that she can no longer walk and everyone believes that she can no longer work the computer without falling out of the wheelchair or getting overtired...Yup, Mom..that is true.  I know it is hard to accept, but no one wants you to fall out of bed or the wheelchair trying to write a poem or trying to walk.  We are just hoping you will make it to Cinco de Mayo to celebrate your 91...How about some balloons and cake in 13 days!

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