Monday, April 23, 2012

Scrap previous post

Looking at the scrap tutorial from the previous post..I see here many layout choices.  I love process so here it is.  Now, the blocks are all still triangles from the 5inch square nine patch. No blocks are sewn together yet.  Auditioning layouts on the design wall before the blocks are sewn helps my mind decide.  Because the ideas ferment in my mind somewhere...way back in an empty space.  My mind likes time, so when the time does comes the ideas will have grown.  Also, seeing things online gives a much better view than anywhere else, MHO.

This is how a scrap quilt makes more scraps while using them up!!!
Because this block is easy to turn around, I transport it to the machine on a portable design wall mini.
There is no way to have a seam allowance at all on this block, cut this way, so you have to be flexible on the matching.  The way I look at it, it is easy and it is fun and no possibility of matching makes it even better.

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