Monday, April 16, 2012

Saying "Thank you" with a potholder..

My mother's volunteer appeared from seemingly nowhere...She just showed up one day at the facility and now for a month has spent 5 hours each day 4 days a week with my mother.  I think an angel sent her.  A 73 year old retired oncologist, she immigrated 3 months ago from Russia.  I can imagine the stress of retiring from such a job, but to immigrate too. Her two daughters live in the States.  Because she is a doctor, she reads and writes English.  She does not speak it.  She cannot drive, work, speak the language.  She is taking English classes.  Between her kind of English and my college Russian, we get by.  In one month, she has become everything to us.   I want to give Tanya a million dollars. Instead I made her this potholder from some of the Japanese fabric I have been carefully guarding in my stash.  I only have love to give...and a potholder.
"Good morning" Tanya...Thank you!

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