Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heart quilts and giving back

My mother always says that to cheer yourself up, you need to do something for others.  So, thanks to yesterday's Guild sit and sew, I was able to prepare some heart blocks that others had made.  Today I put these into a quilt top.  I belong to the Sunshine committee in our guild.  We put together 7 and a half inch heart blocks into quilts for Guild members who are sick or injured.  Sometimes it is a challenge to arrange the variety of "7.5" inches:)
 This outside border I got from the Springs sale last month.  Oh, it was so hard for me to cut it because I love it...but just listened to myself and did it the "Nike way"!  Now it will go off to our Terri for quilting.
It is getting harder to get a good picture in my backyard.  Spring has brought so much grown foliage blocking out the light.

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Karmen said...

That quilt is adorable! May I borrow the design to make a baby quilt for a friend?