Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunshine heart quilt top number 2 and..sunshiney links:)

I am delighted to have finished this second Sunshine quilt top.  At the sit and sew yesterday, I spilled my diet Coke all over the blocks so last night I had to wash them before sashing them today.  Ugh  These quilts are fun, but a quilt is not a quilt till it is quilted and bound..
Below are some very cute links!!  Just love them.....
When I visited my mother tonight she had been asleep most of the day.  She had no recollection at all of the dopamine being so weak yesterday that her Parkinson brain couldn't send its signals to her mouth to talk and her throat to swallow.  I was able to feed her 1 tsp of crushed chicken potpie and three tsps of crushed cooked apple with vanilla ice cream. She chatted away and when I left she was in bed reading her New Yorker.

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