Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mesh produce bags finished and ready to go

Thanks to My Happy Crazy Life blog, I have now finished my produce bags. The only thing different silly me would do is to fold the casing over the front instead of the back so the string would pull easier.  They are color coded just like she small, orange medium and turquoise large.
                                          Here are my previously made recycled feed bags.

Bags all stuffed inside one another.  Now they are  in my van trunk already...for Farmers Market and, to remember to bring them in!  Is there a tutorial for that???

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Unknown said...

Recycling is certainly a trend these days, and making something new out of your old stuff is the way to go. I definitely love the strings of the mesh bags. They are adorable and modish. And the recycled feed bags look very chic too! [Pearlie Mcilvaine]