Saturday, October 17, 2015

And, How, the Candle Flickered....

But, the light stayed on.
Because I started to sew.
Just putting needle to thread lifted my mood.
A few years back when we all went to Faust, we bought these jelly rolls.
..a set of three for $30.
We shared them and now are all making them up...Will let you know the progress!! 
I can tell right now that I will have to be adding some other fabric to it.
Choices for my pretty quilt dream... paperwork..
Mother's vintage boxes.
 Or/and...Christmas boxes I got after sale last year..
 Today was visitation day with Mommy.  
Here Evan and his mother help me make flower pens for the school secretary's office.
Male flexibility in finding a place to do reading homework.
Lynsey kills any roaches that may be around half dead after the bug man has come.
It is a macho girl thing.  She gets 25 cents for a dead one, and 75 cents for one alive.
She inherited the job from her older brother.
I hate roaches..those Palmetto bug things...OMG
So I have the children trained from a very early grandma.
Here is Lynsey explaining to me exactly how big the roach was that she bravely killed,
and disposed of outside.
And thus needed her 75 cents immediately.
She won't do snakes!!!!
Tigger, I am so annoyed with you.
  This is the one area I did not get to.  You know that there are finished projects.
They now need to be washed...Really.
Must you find the one spot where I do not want you???
Do I have to get you a basket too????
There is gratitude in the midst...just takes me a find it.


ES said...

Yes!! Sewing! It calms the mind :) I have a few days until the baby arrives, well it could arrive any day, so I'm sewing sewing sewing!! Otherwise I'd be going crackers!! :) x

Mary said...

I don't like roaches either, so Lynsey is doing a fabulous service for you! Sewing is my therapy too.

smazoochie said...

Those stupid, huge roaches! Yes, I hate them too! Though I'm not quite sold on Lynsey's description.
What car could resist a cozy pile of colorful fabric!
I'm always so glad when you can make time for sewing, it is such good medicine.

Courtney said...

Lynsey's picture cracked me up! That face!!! Maybe that one was worth a dollar!
Glad you are sewing - can't wait to see the jelly roll quilts...

Sharon said...

I loove Lynsey the giant bug killer!

Oh, those cats know all the right spots, don't they? Mine always find the place I don't want them to be. It never fails.

Making progress on your jelly roll! Yes, I think it's going to need some additional fabrics. A little more contrast?

Love the homework "spot". Necessity and all that, right?